Reamillo and Juliet

Since 1993 this artist team, Alwin Reamillo from the Philippines and Juliet Lea from Australia have collaborated in Manila, Baguio, and other cities, and their provocative political installations have more recently attracted wide attention in Asia and Australia, and Japan. “ We are investigating ang deconstructing recent constructed history , showing the disaster that it really is” (1) This installation of Tres Persona Non Grata, is their first presentation outside the Asia-Pacific area, and was originally created for the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

House of Horrors

(by Talitha Espiritu)

From Hybrid Space to Alien Territory

(by Apinan Poshyananda)

Dime a Dozen: Courting Iconophilia

(by Carina Evangelista)

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Artists Statement

'... globalisation involves the use of a variety of instruments of homogenization (armaments, advertising techniques, language hegemonies and clothing styles) which are absorbed into local political and cultural economies only to be repatriated as heterogenous dialogues of national sovereignty, free enterprise and fundamentalism...'

- arjun appadurai


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